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Garden Leisure Spa Series

Atlantis Pool & Spa now provides spa services for the Greater Denver Metro area and the Front Range of Colorado.  Our services range from sales and installation to maintenance, cleaning, repair and pretty much anything else you may need!  Looking for a part you can't find?  We have connections with dozens of dealers across the state and will track down the elusive products that you can't find.

Keep your spa chlorine & bromine free with Nature2 and EZ Spa!

Nature2 - The no chlorine/bromine alternative for your spa.  This mineral sanitizer uses silver and copper to destroy bacteria and other harmful contaminants to produce water that is noticeably clearner, clearer and softer.  These minerals dramatically reduce the need for harsh chemicals in your water - so your spa experience is more comfortable and soothing.

EZ Spa - The once a week worry free spa treatment.  This water care program combines simplicity and incredible water quality.  1: Remove phosphates, metal and debris. 2: Sanitize and disinfiect.  3: Finish with a clarifier, stable oxidizer, stain and scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers to keep spa water clean, clear and trouble free.